We often avoid washing curtains since it can be such a hassle at times. However, it is important to clean them regularly to avoid the dust and the allergies they bring with them.

There are different ways to clean curtains and drapes made of different materials. For instance, if your drapes are made up of cashmere, wool, stitched in pleats, or have a lining, find a professional cleaning service in your area and get them to dry-clean.

On the other hand, it’s better to hand wash or warm wash with a gentle detergent to clean drapes and curtains made of cotton, synthetic fabric, sheer, or silk.

Curtain and drapes

In this article, we will try to ease the burden for you and see three best ways to clean the curtains and drapes:

Clean Your Curtains While Still Hanging

To vacuum the curtains while they are still hanging is the easiest way to clean them. However, you have to do this frequently in order to get rid of all the dirt. 

Use a soft brush with the vacuum and avoid pulling the curtain too hard and you are good to go. A week or two weeks’ time is fine to clean your curtains using this method.

Clean Curtains With a Steam Cleaner

Another amazing way to clean curtains without taking them down is by using the power of steam cleaner. A lot of times a vacuum cleaner does not remove the greasy stubborn stains. To our rescue comes a steam cleaner along with an upholstery attachment that can remove these stains easily.  

Avoid hard strokes of the steam. Try gentle strokes on small sections to ensure that every inch of your curtain is properly cleaned. Also, do not forget to follow the instructions on the steam cleaner. This method is effective on thick curtains made of natural fibers.

Clean Curtains in the Washer Or By Hand

The best way to clean the curtain is by washing them if your fabric allows it. Follow the following steps for the wash:

Bonus Tips:


Washing Curtains is one of the most difficult house-chore. We hope the above-mentioned ways to clean the curtains at home will help you while they are still hanging in some cases and you don’t have to go through any inconvenience to take any professional help.

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