Art has always been a means to reflect our emotions and perspective. Home Decor at Aura Furniture & Furnishings is undoubtedly a brilliant art form. Aura is the reflection of the most intimate of our emotions. 

As much as we would love our homes to be aesthetically pleasing, we also want them to reflect our values. All the large and small details such as the colors, the designs, the accessories reveal a lot about our personalities. 

Karen Fingerman, director of the Texas Aging and Longevity Center and professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Texas at Austin, says “People who have a match between personality and living space report better well-being, and they feel better about their life and have a better mood, Home is where we can express ourselves.” Source: Futurity. 

Let’s discuss some home decor ideas and how can we express ourselves through them: 

Modern Or Minimalistic: 

Aura Furniture & Furnishings is taking the home decor industry by storm, Minimalistic is a trend that has been going on for a few years now. If you believe you are someone who likes to keep things simple and is always decluttering space in your home or office, you are modernistic. 

Now, many people associate white and crisp with minimalism, which is also quite popular among minimalists. However, it’s quite impractical. Color adds depth and interest to your space without adding clutter to your house. The catch here is to choose a similar palette across rooms. 


People often confuse contemporary home design with modern home decor. Although both home decor designs share some similarities, they are unique on their own. 

If you believe you are a cool and composed person at heart but have various vibrant personalities, you would love Aura Furniture & Furnishings for contemporary home design.

The literal meaning of contemporary is “of the moment”. The contemporary home decor style is always changing. Therefore, if you want to decorate your home using contemporary design, you must visit Aura Furniture & Furnishings in style with your family as it has ample parking space to park your vehicle to know the current trends in home decor. 

Today, a contemporary design is defined through clean, simple lines and shapes, bold and vibrant furniture pieces with a smooth finish, and textured fabrics. 

Find curtains made of textured fabrics at Aura Furniture & Furnishings. We have also customized vibrant furniture pieces for our customers in the past. 


Some of the most trusted designers at House Beautiful have predicted interior trends for 2022. One such prediction is that homes are going to be more vintage than ever this forthcoming year. 

Vintage style refers to accessories, colors, and furniture from a different era. The natural and elegant color palette, long curtains, lace napkins on bedsides tables and dressers, furniture made of natural material such as wood, often with flower upholstery, wardrobes with carved handles, chairs, and sofas with rounded legs and wallpapers with flower patterns are some of the characteristics of vintage design. 

Vintage designs are often associated with inhabitants who are perfectionists, highly complex but determined, well-read, and motivated. 

Choose a home decor style based on what resonates with you the most out of the three designs that we discussed above. At our store in Noida, Aura Furnishing, we showcase furniture and home decor items associated with all these home designs, and a lot more. We also have experienced interior designers who will assist you in designing the home of your dr

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