Ageless and elegance are two major expressions of wooden furniture. In a modern home today, wood is material that can bring the sense of nature indoors, without being outdoors. Sheesham wood, which is also called Indian Rosewood, is the most popular wood used to make furniture, especially beds, however, one must know the various benefits and features before buying a Sheesham wood bed. 

What is Sheesham wood? 

It is extremely flexible and pliable for all types of finishes, which is why it is the most preferred wood for making furniture. It gives an even finish to anything that is made out of Sheesham wood. Beds made of Sheesham wood add elegance and charm to any bedroom. Therefore, if you are thinking of upgrading the look of your bedroom then go ahead and invest in top-class Sheesham wood beds or furniture. 

Why is Sheesham wood an ideal choice when it comes to choosing beds? 

sheesham wooden bed in noida

Sheesham wood is Durable

The durability of furniture depends on the type of wood used to make it. Since Sheesham wood is decay resistant which makes it is the best choice for the durability of the furniture. It is considered the best choice for creating double beds, as it is compatible with all weather conditions. A Sheesham wooden bed with storage is durable as it can easily take the weights of the things you put in the storage section. 

It is long-lasting

Double beds made from Sheesham wood do last long and can even pass on from generation to generation. The type of wood is anti-bacterial and naturally resistant to dry termite attack. Therefore, once you invest in a Sheesham wood bed you can be at ease for many years. Most of the manufacturers nowadays are using this wood for making a Sheesham wooden bed with storage, and of course due to its longevity people choose this, as it can last for ages. 

It is available in different shades

When you want to design or make a double bed, you would want different colors or customized designs. The good news is that Sheesham wood is available in many different natural shades which gives an appealing look to the beds made out of it. The natural grains in the Sheesham wood give it a premium look and style. However, if along with the bed you want to keep your essentials safe and sound then you must go for a Sheesham wood bed with storage as it comes in many different shades to give an aesthetic look to your space. 

It is an Economical Option

No wonder that Sheesham wood beds or furniture are most durable and long-lasting. Its popularity does not just end here, the add-on is that it is the most economical option despite its elegance in style. It can easily be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth and does not really require any special care or concern. Even if you go for a Sheesham wood bed with storage it is still the most economical option you can go for by saving your money on having a separate storage unit altogether. 


Sheesham wood beds are the most economical, elegant, versatile, and enticing option to create your double bed, or any furniture article, including a Sheesham wood bed with storage. However, if you are confused about where to buy the best quality furniture, then Aura Furnishings is the name where you will get the best wooden beds in Noida. With 12 years of promising quality and having customers with testimonials of their satisfaction while shopping with Aura, you get the best modern bedroom furniture in Noida. The list just does not end here, Aura also provides other home decors and in fact, the customization option is also available where you can customize your own furniture, bed, or other decorations for your dream home! So if this festive season you are looking to upgrade the look of your cozy bedroom then here you will get the choicest modern bedroom furniture in Noida. 


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