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Our Range

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Home Decor


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Best Furniture Store in Noida

Aura Furnishings is the best furniture store in noida where you can discover and buy furniture in-store from our vast collection of wooden, colonial, antique, contemporary, boho, rustic furniture to add an exquisite addition to your home at an affordable price. You can either buy wooden furniture from our vast array of furniture to match your home decor or have it customized to your specifications. You can also consult our Interior Designer to find the features, functionality, dimensions of the products that match your requirement, all with great ease. With an unwavering commitment to quality, Aura Furnishings provides all the furniture one needs.

What Makes us Unique

Assured Quality

Easy Finance


Delivery Services

Aura Furnishings is one of the leading furniture stores in Noida. We are pleased to provide you with furniture from well-known brands in various styles and designs. We’re continually working with the latest trends to bring you stylish and one-of-a-kind designs.

What kind of furniture can you explore at Aura furniture and furnishings?

Aura Furnishings has a plethora of furniture and furnishings. Quality, durability, and affordability are among the ethical factors used to pick our materials.
At our 
furniture store in Noida, discover furniture for all rooms of your home; living room, kid’s room, dining area, storage, garden furniture, outdoor furniture, and our exclusive WFH edition furniture. So, with aura furnishing, you won’t have to worry about your interior and exterior furniture.

Let yourself be inspired and create the interior of your dreams with our home furnishing shop.

Our Principles and Specializations:

Our principles and specialization have established us as one of the preeminent furniture shops in Noida. And we shall strive to keep our position indefinitely by adhering to our values:


Aura Furnishings aims to provide quality and affordable furniture to its customers. Thus, under the impetus of members involved in the company, we offer a wide choice of quality contemporary, modern, vintage, boho, and rustic furniture. Our ability to customize your furniture allows us to meet massive demand.

Conviviality and Team Spirit

Team spirit is our fundamental value. Quality products, customization, and quick delivery are the main goals of our organization. Our teamwork with our designers and manufacturers enables us to achieve our objectives.


Customers come foremost to us. Our interior designers will greet you when you walk into our furnishing store. It’s the perfect strategy to address your functional needs while satisfying your expressive aspirations. Visit and tell us what you would like to have in your home and at work, and we will design the best furniture for you.


Custom-made products are our particularity. Aura Furnishing is one of the best interior stores in Noida,where you can get customized products of your choice. So, the furniture of your dreams is no longer a distant memory. Visit our furniture store to make your fantasy a reality.

Delivery service

You won’t have to worry about delivery if you buy furniture from our home furnishing shops in Noida. We guarantee prompt home delivery to the stated address.

Find Modern and Exotic Furniture:

Explore our large selection of high-quality modern and bespoke furniture. Aura Furnishings has a comprehensive collection of contemporary furniture and unique home decor items, from sofas to tables, beds, and storage.
Look through our extensive furniture section, which includes storage furniture, home, office, and outdoor furniture, as well as a variety of stylish accessories and furnishings.
Make your living room unique

“Look for sleek furnishings”

We propose picking stylish furniture and fulfills your decor’s demands to create a trendy living room interior.
We always opt for an antique, modern, or contemporary item for the sofas and chairs. It is, however, not readily available. So, where should you look for a home furnishings store in Noida? Don’t be concerned. At our home furnishing shop in Noida, you may choose from a broad choice of soothing and comfortable furniture in various sizes and designs to decorate your house.
Aura Furnishings has a perfect sofa with stylish rugs, as well as a table, armchairs, recliners, rocking chairs, TV cases, and other items for the living room. Our specialists will also assist you in picking the ideal furnishings for your interior.

Create a beautiful designer bedroom

Because your bed is the most significant part of your bedroom, it should be more appealing and comfortable. So, if you want to rejuvenate, visit our bedroom furniture collection to find the best bed for a restful sleep. Aura furnishings offers plenty of modern designs with a comfortable and solid base to accommodate your mattress.
At our home furniture store in Noida, you will find comfortable single or double beds, bedside tables, chests of drawers, bunk beds, and comfy mattresses to ease your daily stress and exceed all of your expectations.

WFH aka “Work from Home”

We have created a range of WFH-friendly furniture, including office desks, super-comfy chairs, office cabinets, tables, etc. Thus, design your home-cum-office with our furniture.

Outdoor furniture collection

Come to Aura furniture and furnishings if you’re looking for outdoor furniture stores in Noida. Here, we have furniture for your interior as well as for your outdoor space, and we proudly showcase our extensive collection of outdoor furniture and accessories. Embark on a look at our contemporary rattan sets, trendy metal lounge sets, traditional wooden tables, chairs, and loungers. Or a comfortable sofa for your garden with aesthetic cushions, a coffee table, and seating. We’ve got everything you’ll need for your balcony.

Kids-friendly furniture

Aura Furnishings provides a large selection of kid-friendly furniture that will fulfill all of your child’s room demands and wishes. There are bunk beds, storage cupboards, and shoe cabinets to choose from..

Storage Collections

To create a designer space, weneed to hide the bulk of the things in our room. As a result, a storage unit that complements the room’s architecture will be required. Solid wood is one of the best woods for furniture and storage. What are the finest home furnishing stores in Noida to go to if you want to buy solid wood storage? Visit Aura Furnishings to locate the ultimate storage furniture. Our storage furniture, such as consoles, sideboards, and display cabinets, is custom-made for you.

Our furnishing collections:

Once you’ve placed furniture in your home, you’ll want to decorate it to make it more appealing and inviting. What are some of the best interior design stores in Noida? Aura Furnishings is one of the most famous home furnishing shops in Noida. If you enjoy our furniture and interior design sections, you’ll love our assortment of home and garden accessories and decorations. Our furnishing section includes stylish canvas, printings, fake plants, vases, and wall hangings.

Decorative items

Install mesmerizing décor accessories such as wall accents, wall art, or flower arrangements, and you have taken your home to the next level of style and comfort. Explore our décor section to customize your interior.

Furnishing products

Aura Furnishings is one of the top-notch home furnishing stores where you can find aesthetic cushions, stylish linens, rugs, bed covers, curtains, etc. We add new novelties to our collection with the latest designs.

Voilà, select your furnishings from Aura Furnishings and entrust us with your furnishing requirements.