Elegant, feminine, and delicate, the dressing table has survived the centuries without ever getting old. It’s the ideal piece of furniture to doll yourself up before going out, as well as an emblem of precious occasions when we pamper ourselves. It’s a functional storage solution for perfumes, jewelry, beauty products, and other accessories in the bedroom. It comes with a mirror, perfect for making oneself seem lovely.

The dressing table: a versatile piece of furniture

The dressing table is a functional piece of furniture that cleverly arranges the room. It also works as a storage alternative for various accessories and other objects. The dressing tables are also a trendy model because they play the double role of offering a tray for working in the room.

At Aura Furnishings, we have an assortment of stylish and functional dressing tables that will enhance the mood of your room. So let yourself be seduced by our extensive range of modern dressing tables available at our home furniture store in Noida.

Take a look at our top 8 latest dressing tables designs that you must know of:

  1. A dressing table in the style of the Baroque era

A dressing table in baroque style brings the 18th-century style right up to date! Its mirror and silver-colored legs give the space an opulent appearance. If you’re looking for matching storage furniture, remember to bring the matching chest of drawers!

  1. A small vanity, aka a dressing tables

Even if your room is not spacious enough, you can still use this piece of furniture. Its key strength is its unique style, characterized by its modern shape, making it a suitable corner unit. Therefore, this small make-up vanity can be tucked away in the corner of a room to save a lot of space.

The choice of materials has resulted in these high-quality dressing tables with high-density particleboard covering. The legs are solid wood, and the surface is smooth and waterproof, making this a long-lasting and sturdy product.

Moreover, it is easy to install and fits any room style thanks to its elegant design. It comes with a perfectly thick round mercury mirror that is scratch-resistant and provides a clean reflection. Its drawers and partitions provide you with plenty of storage capacity.

  1. A contemporary dressing tables

With its gleaming base and white lacquered top, contemporary dressing tables will appeal to modern furniture lovers. Its bonus feature is that the mirror can be folded away after usage.

dressing table

  1. A Luxurious Dressing Tables

Want to give a touch of tranquility and grandeur to your home? There’s no need to compare the qualities of this piece of furniture to those of other models since you’ll be won over at first sight. A luxurious dressing table design is widely available at our home furniture store in Noida. Additionally, you can also customize them according to your preferences.

This dressing table has a high-quality upholstered stool that is also quite comfy, as well as an oval mirror with a dimmable switch and a low-voltage adaptor that allows you to attach LED lights all around it. It also includes five drawers with enough room for your accessories, make-up, jewelry, and cosmetics. Furthermore, this high-end dressing table can be assembled without the assistance of an expert.

  1. A rustic dressing tables

Do you want your bedroom to have a serene and natural feel? It’s simple with this Asian-style hardwood dressing table! Thanks to its several drawers, nothing is left behind, and the design stays uncluttered in all instances.

  1. An antique-inspired dressing tables

A dressing table with a traditional tint is ideal to complete a soft and feminine atmosphere with its weathered look. The classic style will elegantly display your jewelry and your most precious goods. This kind of dressing table is readily accessible at furnishing shops in Noida.

  1. A dressing table with a clean design

A pure-design dressing table is designed just for all you design enthusiasts! Its beige drawers with no knobs and brown hardwood top convey purity and simplicity.

  1. A dressing table in the Scandinavian style

A Scandinavian dressing table seems to come straight from the Nordic countries. It looks great in a Scandinavian bedroom with a walnut color scheme, accompanied by her little padded stool.

We hope that you will love our vivid selection of dressing tables. Please let us know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment in the feedback section.

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