Have you ever wondered which fabric to choose for which project? How to choose the suitable fabric? Which are the best furnishing shops in Noida? Fabrics in vibrant hues? Ugh… When starting a furnishings project, knowing the fabric characteristics and several color combinations isn’t effortless. There are so many fabrics and home furnishings stores, so many wefts, that it is easy to get lost.

Eventually, this blog, Aura Furnishings, will assist you in opting for fabrics and furnishings for your decorating projects.

A place to go for quality fabrics and dazzling furnishings

Aura Furnishings is one of the pre-eminent furnishing shops in Noida, which has a distinctive collection of furnishing fabrics to suit all styles. Since 2007, we have assisted you with decorating, furnishing, and accessorizing projects. Our teams are passionate about designing and adorning and are always at your service. In addition, we offer you environmentally friendly organic fabric. Consequently, we carefully consider picking organic materials with superior qualities.

Likewise, we have imagined collections of plain, fancy, printed, velvet, and jacquard fabrics to offer you the material that corresponds to your desires and project. We also provide technical textiles such as fireproof fabrics (M1, M2, and M3) for commercial purposes. Our collections of timeless materials, such as lining, fleece, viscose, etc., will accompany you in all your creations. We also want to offer you constantly renewed collections to keep up with the seasons and trends.

All about fabrics

Fabrics are as diverse as they vary in choice and material. Modern upholstery fabrics are available in a variety of materials. As a result, they are vital in defining the fabric’s properties, texture, and durability for upholstery. Fabrics for upholstery are produced using both natural and synthetic fibers. Animals or plants are the sources of natural fibers.

Conversely, polymers from both natural and synthetic fibers are used to create synthetic fibers. Because of the diverse production processes used to make them, these fabric kinds have different appearances, textures, and typical product characteristics. These materials are generally accessible in multiple colors and quality standards at home furnishings stores.

A vibrant range of fabrics

A copious range of colorful fabrics is available at Aura Furnishings:

Covering fabric

Upholstery fabric

Trend upholstery fabric

furnishings shops in Noida


Upholstery fabric for crafts

Velvet covering fabric

Furnishings collection

Aura Furnishings is one of the best brand-dedicated furniture stores in Noida that offers various household linens. From the bedroom to the kitchen, you will find all the essentials for the home and decoration. You will love our timeless percale bed linen collection, which is 100% cotton and available in various colors. Discover our bed linen and mattresses and their choice of duvets in natural or synthetic materials, warm or light, and pillows designed to suit all sleepers. Our high-quality and aesthetic rug collections are designed to look practical, chic, and decorative for cocooning moments in the living room. Besides, our ready-to-install and net curtains will dress up your windows in no time. Subsequently, our workshop can also offer embroidery services to personalize your decorations or as a gift. You need to select your fabric and measurements; we do the rest.

An ultimate home fashion store

furnishing shops in Noida also have thousands of references for furnishings, fabrics, and designer items, among other things. Indeed, we also offer a collection of quality household linen. We provide various personalized services, such as creating curtains, blinds, wallpapers, and awnings. We aim to meet your needs and offer you quality service at competitive prices.

The Aura Furnishings team is waiting for you to help you with your projects.

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